• Please pay the relevant course fee before the commencement of each course. Your cheque should be crossed and payable to “In Express Recreation Management Ltd.” Please write the participant’s name, contact number and course code at the back. An official receipt will be issued.
  • Each class will have 10-15 participants. Class might be cancelled if there is not enough participants. Applicants will be informed in due course.
  • Training session will be cancelled if red or black storm signal or No. 8 or above typhoon signal is hoisted one hour before the commencement of the session. Watch out for the announcement at our web page or Facebook. When the above signals are down, training will be resumed within 2 hours. If during training yellow rain or thunder storm signal is up, the supervising coach will consider the weather and venue condition to decide whether to continue or cancel the class. Make-up lessons will be arranged. Only one make-up lesson for each course.
  • If for personal reasons, the participant misses one or some of the training sessions, please inform the coach when you sign up for the course and we will arrange for make-up lesson. Only one make-up lesson for each course. If no advance notice, no make-up lesson will be arranged.
  • When attending our training sessions, participants must wear neat uniform and
    shin guards. Shin guards are available from any sport shop. We also have them for sale at HK$60.00/pair. Uniform which includes shirt, shorts and socks, can be bought from us at HK$300.00. Printing charges for name and numbers at the back of the shirt will be $50.00. (Summer course participants may be exempted.) Ordinary running shoes can be worn on artificial turf pitch.
  • Please bring along one set of dry clothes for change after training and if you want to take a shower, go to the reception counter of Action Waterfall. Show your Student Card and pay $20,00 to use their facilities. Do not forget to bring a face towel and sufficient drinking water.
  • In case of doubt, please feel free to contact us at 28931100 or 23972632.